I went out last night with some friends and ran into a really interesting guy!  I kind of feel like it was like the Law of Attraction in play.  Recently, I have been studying this topic, as you know from my past post.  Part of what I am interested in life these days, is finding other super heroes, if you will.  That was important to me.  If like attracts like, through the Universal Mind, then I would like to come across other people who also feel the same way.

So interesting too, the ride home was a breeze.  We rented a Limo, for the evening. Something interesting to note.  It took like 2 hours to get where we were going (#$%#^ traffic).  We got home in like 45 minutes.  It’s almost like focusing on all of the positive lately, led to meeting up with someone who is interested in the same types of positiveness, made everything better.  No matter how you cut it, it was a great night!  I recommend getting together with like minded people on a limo trip.  Great environment to try out that Master Mind stuff.  Check them out, cause they were really nice!  www.westcoastlimoservice.comContinue reading

So where I am really trying to get, is that we all have super powers when we were born; we just stopped using them.  Don’t you remember, as a kid, when you would play make-believe, some of the things you were doing, seemed like you were really doing extra-ordinary feats.  Some would say that is because you were a child, and it was make believe.I Believe I can Fly


What if it wasn’t?  What if you were really doing what you thought you did?  Yes, your imagination was flowing, as you had fun, but what if you really did some of those things.  When your a child, or better yet, as you grow up, you are constantly told what you can’t do.  Someone is always saying that is not possible.  As we grow, we begin to believe that we can not do the things we want to do.  We are given example after example why things are not possible.Continue reading

Hey guys, welcome to my website called The Bobby Campbell.  I just wanted to say hey!

One thing we all have to get real with is that we are products of our upbringing.  These are definitely important steps for who we have become, but should not be the result of who we are.  What was that?  I’ll say it again.  You can find traces of who you are, from where you have been, but that does not determine who you are today.  We all have the choice to learn new things, which if we choose, can bring us to a new us, any time we choose.

Your choices of what you think about, or expect, have a major effect on who you become.  Remember who you were, but choose who you want to be.  Take a peak about me, so you you can study a bit on some interesting philosophies that could change your life, if you choose.

For now let’s look at a Bobby Campbell.  From the comic books of old to the graphic artist of today.  Having the opportunity to work directly with RAW, must have been a life changing and mind growing experience.  Robert Edward Wilson was all about looking at the world in a new way.  That is where I want to start Our Journey.Continue reading